It became known as the Fall of Plenty. A time when the world enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity and, unable to bear the weight of its own greed and avarice and selfishness, turned on itself and all was lost. In the midst of this chaos arose a sickness that tore through the population. Three quarters of all mankind fell to the strange disease that turned people into shambling, simple-minded living zombies. It was not known if the plague caused the downfall of civilization, or that the fall itself opened a new Pandora’s box of affliction. All we knew is that we were back to square one. And all who survived the terrible waves of death and disorder began to rebuild and reclaim our humanity. We thought the danger and the chaos was behind us. We were wrong!

Want to be a zombie movie star? Want to be a video guy, A sound Guy, A Makeup, Costume ,etc   

Our feature-length movie Zombie Mountain Alabama and exciting spinoff web series Zombie Marshals is now in the early stages of production. We are currently seeking actors and actresses of all ages for major and minor roles as well as extras and zombies. No acting experience is necessary. To be considered, send us an email with your name and age. Please include at least one photo of yourself. Also seeking behind-the-scenes staff. Have a talent or skill in production? Come talk to us! Come have some fun, make new friends, give your resume a boost and be a star!  
We will text for help when shooting episodes.
Our First Shooting
Our 2nd Shooting,  yeap
We are learning as we go,
Our First Shooting 2
Our Idea, Join Us,
Script  Writers
5 Episodes for Script Contest- Win $300
Join the Zombie Marshals Posse
Join the Zombie Marshals Posse

Be a Marshal or a Zombie. Pop a Zombie, Get envolved, make some friends, enjoy life OR just sit there and let another year pass by.