Welcome to Funrunners Productions
What we hope to do is show the creative side of as many people as possible.  We are going to do good movies that include local people in all aspects of the Movie. To include  Video, Audio, and Production.  And of course it all starts with the script in my opinion.  A great script can  save a bad movie.    I have recently contacted some very impressive script writers and I need your help.  Our contest for $300 an episode is what I offer, and please understand that is a good bit of money to me.   Many of you, I expect will help not only for the money but because you understand what we are trying to do.  This is not about making money, sure it may come, but that is not the goal.  We want to get people from behind the computer and into real life.  I ask for your sugestions and any sugested connections.  Thank you, and Welcome to FunrunnersProductions.com.  

Our Movies
We have 4 movies and are starting  1 at a time until we get rolling and I hope to have different teams working on different projects.  Including  College  students that want to learn and take some responsibility for an episode.
1. Zombie Mountain Alabama and the series ZombieMarshals.com  I will be send the story line out very soon to the script writers that have asked to enter the contest and are interested in the project.
2. Sasquatch Sam, a comedy big foot movie and roll off Bigfoot Ben children educational series that teach education as well as morals.
3. River Rat Race. annual event/movie
4. This will rock the charts in theaters. (Later)
Zombie Marshals is the first project and underway now. Our movies will have little nudity, cursing, some of course as the story dictates. I am a firm believer that true comedy has no need of vulgarity.  We are neither True Saints nor  Tempting Sinners. Be a part of a new social media. 

Our Plan
To do movies in local markets as our fan base grows.  The scripts will be set in the market we are shooting.  This will make more sense as you know the story and soon I will send the theme for several episodes.  What I hope happens we find several writers that we can depend on as this grows.  I hope to have project producers from the public that want to take on one of the episode. And video and editors as well as actors.  It is important to get the word out as soon as possible I know and I hope by friday you have all recieved the story.  The main movie Zombie Mountain Alabama  script will pay $600 plus possible bonus.
I thank you all for coming to the site, just know it is real and we are trying hard every day to make this happen as soon as possible.
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Need a better name for the 2 main/Super zombies. Alpha is so used up win $50 Quick Pick Paypal..  email your suggestion to win. Dec 2.
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