1. Pick an episode, write a script that I like and I will pay you $300.
2. Winner will be posted, so use a name that you want to see posted..
3. Know this is likely to be a running contest with a weekly winner or winners.
4. If I buy the script it includes all rights.
5. Ask any questions, after you have the story down pat.
6. You can submit a cold script if you like, but keeps it on general theme.
7. Other projects will be posted,
Sasquash Sam- Comedy Bigfoot Movie with webisodes
River Rat Race- movie comedy
666-  full movie big movie, serious movie
Funrunners - Life Comedy full
Email is  please use this email  
Script  Writers
How does the selection of the script work?
   The scripts for each episode will be considered and the one that I feel best fits our vision will be selected.  If the others are considered close we will send the writer a few suggestions to change and we may buy his script as well.  Also, if you send a script, a good script for an episode I will pay you for it.  Please understand I am one man, I work, but I will never steal anything from you.  If you write a script that has one scene that I like, I will buy the script and take the scene and use it.  I also know that many of the writers are doing this to help, since this is not a profit money venture.
will list the episodes that are open.  The scripts that have won will have the name of the writer and a copy of the script, in order to bring us all closer to the same page. However, if the writer request their winning script not be printed, I will honor the request.  But, the rule is if I buy a script it is mine totally to do with as I choose.     

Are the submitted scripts competing towards each other?  I am putting up 5 episodes and will have 5 winners and then I will put up 5 more episodes. If you choose to write script 1 and you write the best script 1, then you win and are paid. You can enter as many as you want and as we grow we hope to increase the fee per script.  Our whole mission is to give a platform for creativity. A novice can win this.  We are totally about the script and how well it fits the story.   But to answer, script 1 will compete against all script 1 scripts, ut not against script 2,3,4,5.

Is there a deadline when the scripts are do? Until winner is declared...

On some episodes we are giving extreme scope to the script writers to express their creativity.  We want our writers to  enjoy writing the scripts.  As for any names and back story ,have fun.  If we see something we do not think will fit, we will ask you to rewrite that scene.
How long of a script are you looking per episode? most will be 28 minutes, the main story, Zombie Mountain Alabama will be a ful length feature that launchs the Zombie Marshals. Winner of this is paid $600, we realize we may have to buy several and combine them if the ideas are good.

Episodes    Hear the overall story or Zombie is different
Brian Meetze Chris Butler Damon Harrison
Darren Stephens Johnny Slaughter Jon Keller
Justin Veazey Ken Patterson Natalie Patterson
Randa Stephens Robert Ceowson