Zombie Marshals Episode: The Oldest Profession
Zombie Marshals is a serial web series focusing on a wild-west-style law enforcement organization in a post-apocalyptic society in which 80% of the population is afflicted with a virus that  reduces people  to zombie-like simpletons.   Drama, social tension and survival struggles of a post-apocalypse rural community drives the stories.

Marshals Creed and Striker walk through Zombie Town ( an area where the zombie population is segregated into a semi-functioning community). They are searching for a human citizen who is wanted for questioning.  Their first stop is a zombie strip club run by an unsavory zombie character. He is no doubt a criminal element with dealings in drugs and prostitutes but the Marshals have bigger fish to fry. The proprietor also acts as their informant so they look the other way in exchange for information. The proprietor refers the Marshals to one of his girls who may have had dealings with the man they are looking for.
The zombie dancer/waitress/prostitute is a simple sort with limited language capabilities. She cannot tell the Marshals where the man is, but can show them. So, led by a zombie tart, the two Marshals strike out through the community to their targets hiding place. Along the way they meet prejudiced rednecks who want to kill the zombie girl, uptight citizens who are aghast that they are traipsing around town with a zombie harlot and then must overcome the girl’s bad memory and limited faculties to find their man.
Where they end up is a surprise to them both. Where does she take them? Do they find their man? Do they get the hapless zombie stripper back safely to the strip club safely?  You decide!
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Preacher Fishing
Preacher - hard headed leader of the marshals
Drake -  smart little woman sent from California. Bleeding heart liberal
Striker - warhorse and short tempered
Creed -   warhorse and even tempered but hates all zombies

Zombies  2 alphas (but need a better name, not alpha that is so used up)    30 unnamed zombies

Sarah - runs the cafe that the marshals supply with food as they find preppers that have been killed by the  Zombies , also she is the Marshals girl, Marshals get a poke once a week.  They often trade their poke.
Lea Lea- young 10 year old niece of Sarah, was infected very young, parents killed has a slight speech  impediment and slightly drags a leg.  She waits on tables and takes orders.
Slim -  slim was affected at 35 and is base zombie.  He can add a little but his main job is cook simple  orders and clean. He lives in Zombie town and from time to time he will have information he has heard in  the village.
The marshals are having lunch, talking to the new woman marshal, Preacher has gone fishing. Slim bring  up another bottle of water and says maybe Preacher bring fish.  Marshals continue to talk and Drake says  hey,how did slim know the preacher was fishing. She says they know in the village...all the marshals jump to
their feet and Creed says we do not have enough gas to get back, Striker says they are going to kill the  preacher we gotta go.
  Preacher is walking ,bringing fish, with the dog and dog barks, preacher says yeah I smell them too. He  turns and see the 2 main/super/Alpha Zombies (which I need better name for) and about 30 other zombies.
Marshal drops the fish looks at his small dog and says Rat you better go no sense in letting them kill you too.
Zombie scream I have you now preacher , preacher draws 2 of his 5 weapons and starts firing as the  zombies some 100 yards away start to come after him. He is out of ammo and 10 zombies left and the main  2 alphas(due the lack of bettername that I have a $50 reward for better suggested name)  behind them ,he  draws his Zombie Saw ready to take the ones he can, the dog is not much help small dog. Just as the final  conflict was starting the marshals break through the tree line firing wide open, the super zombies escape
while the the other zombies are still attacking.  Soon the zombie just stop and look at the stick they are  holding wonder why they have the stick, so the marshals know the super 2 are out of mental range.
Preacher says  Hell I had them trapped what are ya'll doing here. And pats them on the shoulder as they walk  toward the truck. Creed says we would have never found you except for that damn Rat barking, Preacher says well at least he knows what he is doing... But from this day Drake has earned her papers with the  preacher, because she caught that Slim knew the marshal was fishing. And everybody knows the 2 alphas(for  lack of a better term) want the preacher dead.
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